Rogers to Offer Improved iPhone 3G Plans on October 1


While the promotional $30 for 6GB data plan was supposed to expire at the end of last month, Rogers pushed that deadline to September 30. It may still be the best deal, but what’s going to happen on October 1? Well, it seems that Rogers is budging just a little, making ownership of the iPhone a little more affordable.

The original iPhone plans from Rogers Wireless were pretty bad, so it’s good to see that some improvements are on their way. This is in addition to the announcement of the $25/500MB and $30/1GB data options that are arriving on October 1.

More specifically, $60 a month will get you 250 daytime minutes (up from 150), unlimited evenings and weekends, 1GB of data (up from 400MB), 75 text messages, Visual Voicemail, three months of unlimited local calling, and a permanent My5 Local option. The beefier $75 a month plan bumps it to 400 daytime minutes (up from 300), evenings and weekends, 2GB data (up from 750MB), 100 texts, Visual Voicemail, three months of local calling, and a permanent My5 Local option.

From what I can tell, you’d still want to add caller ID, but the $60 plan doesn’t sound too bad. The My5 Local addition is particularly pleasing, as well as the increased data allowance. Data overages will be charged at $0.50 per MB for first 60MB and then $0.03/MB after that.

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