FCC Approves LG Venus-Inspired Fly E310 Attitude


image_4690_largeimagefile  FCC Approves LG Venus-Inspired Fly E310 AttitudeIf you’re looking for a phone with a little bit of personality, you may notice that the Fly E310 Attitude has the word “attitude” right there in its name. Yeah, this sliding handset from Fly Mobile certainly has a little bit of spunk to it.

Recently jumping through the fiery hoops at the FCC, the E310 Attitude by Fly Mobile comes equipped with quad-band GSM, data through GPRS only (no EDGE or 3G support), a 3.2 megapixel camera, TV-out, FM radio, microSD expansion, stereo Bluetooth, and a 2.4-inch touchscreen QVGA display.

You’ll also notice that it has a series of touch-sensitive controls beneath that screen and these only light up when they are in use. If it wasn’t for the actual touchscreen, I’d swear that the Fly E310 Attitude was a clone of the LG Venus. I guess that’s where the “attitude” comes from.

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