An Intense Dissection of the T-Mobile HTC Dream G1 Smartphone

That didn’t take long at all. It was only a short while back that we were left wondering just how thick this first Android-powered smartphone would be, and now we are treated to a full sketch of just about every feature on the HTC Dream G1 coming to T-Mobile.

The crew at wrote all over the picture, but you can still make out the majority of the details. As you can see, the QWERTY keyboard is very much like what you’ve been experiencing on the Sidekick line thus far. It’s also quite notable that not the entire front face slides over to reveal the keyboard; just the display. The lower face keys stay put, making for a “fat chin” appearance.

Other notable highlights include the 16.35mm thickness (the iPhone is 12.3mm), 3.5-inch display, and branding for T-Mobile, myFaves, HTC, and Google.

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