Video: Jailbreak Your 2.0.2 iPhone 3G with QuickPwn


With the arrival of the iPhone 3G and the App Store, some people questioned whether it was still necessary to jailbreak the phone. After all, you now had access to a huge library of applications through the App Store. At the same time, why wouldn’t you jailbreak your iPhone?

When firmware 2.0.2 was released for the iPhone 3G, the homebrew community got to work on how to jailbreak those 1s and 0s. Now that they’ve done it, the good guy from has put together a video tutorial that walks you through the entire jailbreaking process.

For more information on how to jailbreak your iPhone 3G (2.0.2), check out the full article on the iPhone in Canada blog. For the anxious, here’s the vid:

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