Google Search and Real-Time Traffic for TomTom GO 940 LIVE


image_5140_largeimagefile Google Search and Real-Time Traffic for TomTom GO 940 LIVEJust providing you with accurate location information and turn-by-turn directions isn’t enough to be a hot-selling GPS navigation device anymore, but thankfully the new TomTom GO 940 LIVE brings quite a bit more into the picture.

For starters, this handy little gadget comes with the “Live” package, which provides UK users with a subscription to HD Traffic, Safety database, and fuel prices. There’s also Google Search built into this sucker, so if you need to look up something on the go, you’re covered.

Other features include the HD traffic module, IQ routes, Lane Assist, and Enhanced Positioning Technology. The TomTom 940 LIVE has been priced at GBP 399, not including VAT. You get a three month trial with the Live services, after which point you’ll need to pay $10-$15 a month to keep the goods going.

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