Chinese Government Blocks iTunes Over Pro-Tibet Song in Store


Visitors to China (as well as its residents) are too familiar with the Great Firewall of China. When you sit behind that wall, your web surfing habits are being carefully tracked and you are effectively blocked from visiting a lot of the content on the Internet. Usually, this blocking just disallows certain websites, but now Apple has been hit as well.

You can still visit the official Apple website just fine, but several people have now complained that they are not able to download any songs from iTunes anymore. As it turns out, a pro-Tibet album was released on iTunes a short while back and it seems to have caught the attention of the Chinese government. At least, that’s how the story goes.

The album in question is called Songs for Tibet and it is by The Art of Peace Foundation. As you can imagine, this album is filled with tunes “about the rights of ethnic Tibetans in China’s mountainous southwest.” The China government has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

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