Kohjinsha Keeps Shining with W130-Series Subnotebook Tablet

When I was over in Tokyo last year, I walked into the Yodobashi Camera store in Shinjuku and was immediately overwhelmed by an incredible little machine bearing the Kohjinsha name. Looking almost like an overgrown e-dictionary, the Kohjinsha subnotebook was running on Windows Vista. I was impressed.

Keeping up with its good name, Kohjinsha has announced another addition to its subnotebook lineup, revealing the W130 series. Like other KJS machines, this series also boasts Tablet PC functionality with a swiveling 8.9-inch touchscreen display. And yes, it runs on Vista too.

Other features include a 1.33GHz Atom processor, dual webcams (why do you need two?), DVD burner, 1GB RAM, and 60GB HDD. It tips the scales at 2.75 pounds. Look for it in Korea or through importers.

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