Kingston 32GB Elite Pro SDHC Memory Card Announced


image_5297_largeimagefile  Kingston 32GB Elite Pro SDHC Memory Card AnnouncedPossibly providing with more storage capacity than you’ll know what to do with in a single outing, Kingston has just announced the 32GB variant of its Elite Pro SDHC memory card line.

On the surface, this SDHC memory card is no different than other, with the exception of its gigantic 32GB of storage capacity. This will certainly come in handy for those hi-def camcorders that allow you to stash vids on SDHC cards. The Class-4 card hcomes with a life-time warranty and a write-protect switch to prevent accidental data loss.

The price will certainly deter a lot of people, though, as the 32GB Elite Pro SDHC card from Kingston rings up at $308. Maybe you should look into the 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB versions instead.

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