Feeling Slightly Clippy with Logitech V550 Cordless Mouse


image_5301_largeimagefile  Feeling Slightly Clippy with Logitech V550 Cordless MouseEven though I use a laptop as my primary computer, I still can’t get used to using the trackpad for everyday use. It’s fine for some mild web surfing, but as soon as I get into any sort of image or video editing, I definitely need a regular old computer mouse. But that’s one extra thing to lug around.

The Logitech V550 cordless mouse isn’t anything particularly special, but it does come with one unique feature that notebook users may appreciate. Included in the box is a small clip that attaches to your laptop and the mouse can then “dock” on there for ease of mobility. The USB receiver also fits snugly into a port in the mouse itself, not unlike the Logitech VX and VX Nano.

I guess this clip helps a little, but if you’re tossing everything in a bag anyways, it doesn’t really matter. In any case, the Logitech V550 sells for $59.99.

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