Symbian S60 Devices Get Treated to Skyfire Web Browser


image_5596_largeimagefile  Symbian S60 Devices Get Treated to Skyfire Web BrowserAs more and more people start surfing the web on their phones on a more regular basis, there is an increasing demand for a mobile web browser that is closer to the real computer experience. While other browsers for S60 devices are capable of rendering most web pages, Skyfire comes with the advantage of being able to display Flash video and AJAX-based services without having to launch a separate application.

It can be a pain moving away from your regular mobile Internet Explorer in order to enjoy a YouTube video or two. With Skyfire, you get an all-in-one experience. And now Skyfire is available for Symbian S60-based devices. And yes, Google Maps will work with Skyfire.

Intomobile says that they have 50 beta codes to give away. You can check out their post for more information on that.

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