Replace a Cracked or Scratched iPhone 3G Screen Yourself


Although you could go to a Genius Bar or send the thing over to Apple for effectively the same result, there’s something strangely satisfying about a successful DIY project. If you’ve already managed to damage the screen on your iPhone 3G, you can thank the people at Thanko for putting together a screen replacement kit.

The iPhone 3G replacement LCD display costs $85 and it will take a little tinkering to get your old display out and the new display in. The quality of the Brando display has not yet been investigated, so you’ll have to wait for some guinea pigs to discover whether it is worth the $85 price of admission.

As you can probably imagine, you’ll need to pry open that iPhone 3G in order to replace its display. To do that, you can buy the $11 iPhone Opening Tools Kit, also from Brando. You get a couple of screwdrivers and a pick, as well as a pair of plastic opening tools.

image_5774_superimage Replace a Cracked or Scratched iPhone 3G Screen Yourself

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