Apple iPhone 3G Unboxing Video, Compared with Current iPhone


We’re less than 48 hours away from the much anticipated arrival of the Apple iPhone 3G. No one has been able to buy one just yet, but that didn’t stop the Boy Genius from posting up the first unboxing video.

In the clip embedded below, you can see that the retail packaging for the iPhone 3G is very much like the first iPhone, getting glad in a rather simple box. The Boy Genius hasn’t activated the new phone yet, so we are not able to compare any of the user interface components (though those should be much the same anyhow).

That said, after removing the glossy black wonder from its precious box, the Boy Genius starts showing us the new iPhone 3G next to the old iPhone. We can clearly see the rounded backside of the 3G model; it looks slightly thinner on the sides and fatter in the middle. You can also see the screws that we talked about before.

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