Apple Reducing iPhone 3G Shipments to Canada Due to Bad Rogers Plans

This clearly belongs in the rumor column for now, but it seems that Apple is pretty upset about how Rogers is handling the iPhone 3G plan situation. Apple is so unhappy, they say, that it is actually going to reallocate some of the stock that was originally planned for the Canadian market.

More specifically, rumor has it that Apple is going to “divert” a “large percentage” of their iPhone stock away from the Canadian market and into the hands of European distributors. As a result of reallocation, many Rogers stores may only have 10-20 units ready to go on launch day later this week.

Furthermore, it is said that while Rogers hired a bunch of additional sales staff to handle the iPhone launch, these employees have now been fired effective immediately. I guess the hotly anticipated arrival of the iPhone in Canada isn’t exactly going as planned.

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