Talk to Your BlackBerry Pearl, Get Google Map Directions


image_6356_largeimagefile Talk to Your BlackBerry Pearl, Get Google Map DirectionsSometimes, you just can’t be bothered to actually type out the things that you need on your mobile phone. It’s just so much more convenient if you can talk to your phone the same way that you’d ask for directions from a living, breathing person. Now you can do that, sort of, with the BlackBerry Pearl.

Google has released a new version of its Google Maps application that will work with the BlackBerry Pearl. The new version supports voice recognition search, so you can load Google Maps and just blurt out the subject of your desires. In the case of the picture provided, someone is itching for a big slice of pepperoni.

The application is still ironing out some kinks, so that would explains the “experimental” tag attached to the download page. It’s also on that page that you’ll find the tutorial.

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