USB Flash Drive As Unique As An Individual Snowflake


image_6576_largeimagefile USB Flash Drive As Unique As An Individual SnowflakeI realize that it’s summer now and you probably have images of the beach, barbecues, and booze dancing around in your head. That didn’t stop one company from designing a decidedly Winter-feeling piece of technology. At least it’s unique.

Each individual snowflake has a completely original and unique appearance, just like your fingerprints. The same kind of idea was taken to the CINA USB Flash Drive, a portable storage device that has been made to resemble a white snowflake. The trouble is that all of the mass-produced flash drives probably look the same.

Aside from the feeling of a Winter Wonderland, there isn’t all that much else going for the CINA drive. It’s got 4GB of space and is currently available for pre-order.

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