Production of Dual-Core Atom Chips Delayed Until September


Everyone seems to be in love with the tiny Intel Atom processor these days and we’re seeing it implemented in all sorts of subnotebooks and MIDs. As great as Atom may be, we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of a dual-core Atom chip. Too bad the wait just got a tad bit longer.

Some time back, there were reports that production on a dual-core Atom chip would start on the first of July, but it seems that Intel isn’t quite ready to go just yet. Production on the dual-core units has been delayed due to “shortages of the single-core Atom chips.” Too much demand leads to a slowdown in innovation, I guess.

Anyhow, Intel reps are saying that production of dual-core Atom chips won’t get going until at least September. Consider the bright side; netbooks with dual-core Atom should be ready in time for the holidays… we hope.

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