Sprint Will Pay You $20 to Pimp the Samsung Instinct on YouTube


image_6624_largeimagefile Sprint Will Pay You $20 to Pimp the Samsung Instinct on YouTubeMany of the bloggers in the audience may already be familiar with paid post services where you get paid a certain amount of money to blog about an advertiser in some way. These posts could be about anything from playing poker to business loans. If you’re looking to make a few extra bucks on YouTube, Sprint seems to have you covered. Feature the Instinct and Sprint will give you twenty bucks.

The Apple iPhone 3G is already getting plenty of word of mouth advertising on its own, but Sprint and Samsung need to flex a little more marketing muscle to captivate the interest of the American public. Viral videos can go a long way in generating this kind of interest and Sprint is hoping that if enough people take them up on this offer, the Samsung Instinct could gain a fair bit of mainstream popularity.

The campaign/contest is being called “Sell Out” and full details will be released next Monday. The person with the best Instinct video wins $10,000. That should help pay for the actors and production staff you’ll be hiring.

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