T-Mobile HotSpot@Home Gets Treated to Samsung SGH-t339

All of you T-Mobile subscribers out there who have fallen in love with wireless router-powered voice calls can now do so with a different phone. T-Mobile has announced the availability of the Samsung SGH-t339, a clamshell that is perfectly compatible with T-Mobile HotSpot@Home UMA service. As you recall, this service seamlessly transfers calls between the cellular network and your home Wi-Fi network.

The Samsung SGH-t339 is a slim flip phone, following in a similar tradition as the Motorola RAZR and Sanyo Katana. Beyond the WiFi radio housed within for UMA purposes, this handset also gets tri-band GSM, a 1.3 megapixel camera with video, microSD expansion, stereo Bluetooth, myFaves support, and a built-in instant messaging client.

According to T-Mobile, this HotSpot@Home phone should be available as of today. Go ahead, flip out and ask your local T-Mo kiosk about it.

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