OLPC XO Laptop Dual-Booting with Sugar OS and Windows XP

We were told that this was going to happen, but this is the first time that we’ve been able to see a real working OLPC XO laptop doing the dual boot dance. In the video posted over at Gizmodo, you’ll be able to see that green and white wonder running the semi-retired Windows XP operating system.

Even though the XO Laptop is able to run Windows XP like the rest of the netbook crowd, the OLPC team has no intention of creating a version that will run exclusively on Microsoft’s operating system. Instead, all OLPC XO Laptops will be offered in a Boot Camp-style dual-boot configuration. Users will get to select between Sugar and XP, the latter of which will be gaining stuff of like the mesh network and sharing apps of the former.

The BIOS had to be modified to accommodate Windows, but even then (and with the video sped up 3x), it still seems like XP takes forever to boot up on this machine. Bear in mind that it only has 256MB of RAM.

Michael Kwan

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