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Water-Powered Car Demonstrated in Japan (Video)

A full two years ago, I wrote about a prototype car that runs on water. Since then, no updates have come from the developer and we’re not entirely sure if it was just a hoax all along. For this time around, we see another car that is powered completely by good old H2O and it emits absolutely no pollution whatsoever.

Developed by Genepax in Japan, this commuter vehicle is able to travel at 80km/h for one hour on just a single litre of water. The concept is much the same as other fuel cell vehicles, except you don’t need to feed the car with straight hydrogen. The Water Energy System (WES) and Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) are used to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in water. Details are slim by they say this is accomplished through some sort of chemical reaction.

Genepax is currently shopping around its technology to various automakers, so we’re not sure when (and if) these water-powered cars will ever make it into production.



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  1. This energy is within the water. Water is held together by electromagnetic bonds. Break these bonds through resonance and the energy is quicly released. The reaction from gaseous hydrogen and oxygen back to water is 1800 parts to 1 part of water……. Do you think this will be enough energy to run an engine on? Do you think there will be some left over?

  2. If you study the details of water fueled vehicles in their respective patents, you will find the key, or secret, is to intermittently reverse the polarity of the anode and cathode electrolysis plates. This is how IT SEEMS TO VIOLATE the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics. It works……and violates neither laws. The energy……is transformed by a resonant tank circuit which is adjustable.

  3. Anyone know the price?

  4. So whats this mean for the future of car manufacture? are some oil tycoons going to buy the patent off him and then basically destroy it? I sure hope not. Anyway, it was a great article.

  5. thats awsome

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