Two Terabytes of Personal Storage from WD MyBook Mirror Edition


image_6810_largeimagefile Two Terabytes of Personal Storage from WD MyBook Mirror EditionRemember when they said that no one would even need a megabyte to themselves? Remember when they said that a single gigabyte was absolute overkill? Take a look at your media library today and you’ll quickly find out that many, many gigabytes is not nearly enough space for all those pictures, music, and videos.

As your computer hard drive starts to get a little too bloated, it’s time to look to an external solution like the MyBook Mirror Edition from Western Digital. This behemoth of an external enclosure houses two 3.5-inch GreenPower drives, each of which can come with either 500GB or 1TB. If you go with the latter, you effectively get two terabytes in a RAID 1 configuration. Yow-za!

The smaller capacity version will retail for $290 whereas the 2TB monster will sell for $550. The WD MyBook Mirror Edition comes Windows-formatted, but there is also a version for Macs as well.

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