Motorola i335 from Boost Mobile is Rugged like Hacky Sack (Video)

Motorola is no stranger to creating some really rugged cell phones that operate on an iDEN network, but the new Motorola i335 from Boost Mobile has got to be one of the slimmest to date. Unlike the other rough and tumble PTT phones in the past, the Motorola i335 doesn’t have physical dimensions that divert that far away from something like the SLVR. It doesn’t have a nasty rubber casing or anything like that, but it does seem to survive a fair bit of abuse.

In the video embedded below, you can see the i335 go through all sorts of damage. It gets kicked around like a Hacky Sack. It goes flying out of the hands of a skateboarder. It even gets run over by a bike before getting trampled by a full-sized car. Needless to say, this little phone is going to survive the absolute worst of it and still come out the other side to ask where you at.

Boost Mobile may not have the fanciest phone on the block with the Motorola i335, but it certainly has one of the toughest.

Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

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