Telus Following in Footsteps of Alltel and Verizon, Attempting LTE


By and large, most of the developed world operates on some form of GSM-based technology. Whether you find yourself in Taipei or Barcelona, the cellular service provider probably does the GSM thing. There are very few places left in the world that still do CDMA and we happen to live in one of them. Even so, that just might be changing.

Just as Verizon and Alltel have announced that they will slowly be transitioning toward the GSM-based LTE technology, it seems that Telus Mobility of Canada is set to do the same. The network operator is currently “evaluating LTE as its next-generation wireless network technology of choice.” Telus already does EV-DO, but they’ve got to look forward to 4G technology too. No word on what Bell is doing, but we already know that Sprint is taking the WiMAX path.

The jump to GSM-based LTE technology will probably be pretty expensive for Telus, so don’t expect the cellular provider to jump over on a whim. This is going to take some time.

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