HTC Not Threatened by Cupertino’s Latest Offering


The intarwebz is still abuzz with all sorts of news and discussion surrounding the iPhone 3G, but the suits at HTC aren’t at all concerned about competing with Cupertino’s high-speed hotness. Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, is saying that the iPhone 3G will have a “limited impact” on HTC’s sales and on its bottom line.

The HTC Touch Diamond is pretty awesome with its svelte appearance and nifty use of the integrated accelerometer, but given that the iPhone 3G will be selling for just $199, I think that HTC shouldn’t ignore the Apple cell phone. Certain HTC phones are available for free with contract, but those are not in the same league as the iPhone 3G.

Chou remains unfazed, stating that the smartphone market is still big enough to have room for everyone. Really? Tell that to Palm.

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