German Sites Leak Pricing, Launch Date Info on Acer Aspire One Subnotebook

When I asked the product reps at COMPUTEX Taipei, they told me that the starting price point for the Acer Aspire One was around $399 or so. According to some German price comparison sites, however, the pricing for the Acer Aspire One is actually a little higher than expected.

According to price comparison engines in Germany, the base model Acer Aspire One is getting priced at 329 Euro ($506). This is the version that comes with an 8GB SSD, 512MB RAM, and Linux. Based on these specs, it’s about $100 more than a similarly-equipped Asus Eee PC.

The higher end model, which gets 80GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, is priced at 399 Euro. They also mention an upcoming sub-$500 model with a 12.1-inch screen on the way. The shipping date for the Acer Aspire One is quoted as “between 4 and 7 weeks”, though one reseller is saying that it’ll ship within 10 days.

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