Palm takes back part of smartphone market with Centro

image_7198_largeimagefile Palm takes back part of smartphone market with CentroFinally some good news for Palm on the smartphone front after a bit of a slump this last year (read: iPhone launch). In the fourth quarter of ’07 Palm was sitting at 7.9% of the smartphone market, but fast forward to today and that number is sitting at a modest 13.4%. This small victory is credited to the popularity with Palm’s Centro.

Though an increase in market share, Palm’s numbers are still down from the 23% they were sitting at Q1 of last year. I can see the numbers dropping in the next quarter with the 3G iPhone launch next week, and the iPhone 2.0 update focussed at a “prosumer” market with many business tools included. RIM has also been pushing forward with the 9000 series BlackBerry’s (BlackBerry Bold) on the horizon.

But we’re going to let Palm have this one and try not to rain on their parade… at least until next week.

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