Iomega Super eGo Portable Hard Drive Gets Larger in More Ways than One

As we continue to collect so many music files and record so many high-definition videos, it can become quite a challenge to haul all that multimedia around with you. Iomega has decided to expand its eGo portable hard drive line to accommodate our growing needs, offering a version of the drive will a full terabyte of capacity.

The original Iomega eGo drives were bus-powered and contained 2.5-inch platters. In order to bump the capacity into the terabyte range, Iomega decided to move on up to 3.5-inch hard drives instead. Dubbed the Super eGo line, these drives are said to spin at 5400rpm and require an external power source. That’s a bit of a hindrance, I’d imagine.

The other shortcoming is that the Iomega Super eGo portable hard drive only passes data through a USB 2.0 connection. If you’re looking for FireWire or eSata, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The Super eGo should ship soon in your choice of blue, red, or black. Priced at $270.

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