OCZ Wants You To Make Your Own High Performance Laptop

OCZ Wants You To Make Your Own High Performance Laptop


Enthusiasts have been building their custom desktop PCs for years, but not very many people have taken the plunge into building their notebooks. OCZ is catering to this untapped market with the announcement of their DIY gaming notebook kit. This kit, as you can imagine, is not for the faint of heart.

There are plenty of configuration options for you to choose from, upgrading and downgrading the various components as you see fit. In many ways, building your own customer high-performance gaming laptop with this DIY kit from OCZ is similar to building your own high-powered desktop rig. The difference, of course, is that you’ll be dealing under much smaller confines.

There’s not word on pricing, but because you’re putting in the bulk of the labor, OCZ is saying that these kits will result in some rather considerable savings. Don’t want to plunk down the big bucks on Alienware? Build your own!

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