New Mobile TV Standard Being Developed by LG and Samsung


Even though they may be direct competitors in many ways, it seems like LG and Samsung are setting aside their differences to co-develop a new North American mobile digital TV standard. AT&T may already be rocking some of that nifty mobile TV action, but LG and Samsung feel that they can produce a better digital standard.

This is inline with the movement by the broadcast TV industry in the United States toward purely digital broadcasts by the year 2009. This is in accordance to with the FCC and the two Korean giants “hope to use this infrastructure for mobile digital TV.” The new solution will require a minimal investment from carriers and will use the existing digital broadcast TV infrastructure to bring TV to cellular handsets.

Considering the prevalence of mobile TV in South Korea, LG and Samsung clearly know a thing or two about watching television on the go. And now they’re ready to bring that expertise to North America.

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