Minimum Sound Levels To Be Mandated For Hybrids and Electrics


It might sound a little strange to put legislation in place for minimum sound levels, but based on the events that took place over the weekend, we’re starting to be believers. You may have heard earlier this year about how the U.S. House of Representatives is consider a minimum sound level for hybrid and electric vehicles. They said that they were just too quiet, even though that’s part of the appeal of an electric car in the first place.

Well, 8-year-old Owen Erickson out riding his bicycle last Sunday when he was suddenly hit by a Toyota Prius that was operating in EV mode. Owen said that he could not hear the vehicle approaching, but he is at fault for the accident because “he rode his bike into the path of the vehicle.” Even so, you can see how this accident could have been prevented if he heard the car coming. Thankfully, Erickson walked away with only minor injuries.

This could be the first accident in the United States that can be linked to a hybrid’s silent operation. Fisker is the only automaker to address the need for a minimum sound level thus far.

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