Video: Gigabyte Smart Touch UI Makes Windows Mobile Thumb-Friendly


Many people complain about the interface on a standard Windows Mobile cell phone, so it seems that the hardware manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to improve the user experience. HTC has already created what they call TouchFLO and now Gigabyte wants to be a little more intelligent with the release of the Smart Touch UI.

Designed for Gigabyte’s line of GSmart phones in Europe, the Smart Touch UI works as a skin that lays on top of the Windows Mobile operating system. The home screen consists of a series of thumb-friendly icons, which grant you quick access to things like call logs, clocks and so forth. They say that the user interface is “sensitive and reactive.”

Check out the video below for a complete walkthrough of Smart Touch, including the customized shortcut menu that slides through at the bottom of the home screen, not unlike the one found on the iPhone.

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