iFrogz Audiowrapz for iPod Nano Coming to WalMart for Cheaper


image_8389_largeimagefile iFrogz Audiowrapz for iPod Nano Coming to WalMart for CheaperThe iFrogz Audiowrapz silicon case for the iPod nano has been available through online outlets for some time, but now you can waltz into a brick-and-mortar store and get the speaker-touting case for a little less money.

As you recall, the Audiowrapz is a silicon case that wraps all the way around your prized Apple iPod nano, but it comes with a set of integrated speakers that have cleverly been included into the bottom of the case. This lets you share your music without having to deal with messy cables and external speaker systems. It also helps that the iFrogz comes in a variety of colors.

The online price, up until now, has been about $25, but you can nab some iFrogz love at Walmart for under $20 starting early next month. Strangely, Walmart is not selling the green version, restricting the color options to black and pink.

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