Confirmed: Google Android Coming to T-Mobile USA Before End of Year

Hearing a series of rumors on the Internet is one thing, but getting the news straight from the horse’s mouth is another matter altogether. T-Mobile USA has gone on the record and said that they will indeed have at least one Google Android-powered device before we start singing Auld Lang Syne at the end of the year.

This news comes from Joe Sims, the Vice-President and General Manager of T-Mobile’s Broadband and New Business Division. He says that he has had the opportunity to experience some Android prototypes and he is “impressed.” At least one Android-based handheld is promised some time this year, but there will be “more than one” Android product.

All indications seems to be pointing toward the launch of the HTC Dream, but T-Mobile could easily have another Android trick up its decidedly pink sleeve.

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