Android FPS Shooter Game Overlays GPS Real World with Virtual World


The launch of the first Google Android handset seems to be right around the corner and while the new platform could prove to be great for productivity, we all want to have a little fun along the way too. In the video embedded below, we get a brief demonstration of a hot game for Android that seems to not only make use of GPS, but also real world imagery.

The video boasts that you can have unlimited players and it is perfectly possible to guild your own armies, much like World of Warcraft but in the real world. The GPS data allows you to find your enemies and then you enter the virtual world that, strangely enough, is located in the real world. It’s like virtual paintball with real people.

This demonstrates some of the abilities that Google Android will bring to the table, but now we’ve got to wonder: if these are the early games, how much better are future games going to be?

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