Telecom Italia Getting 3G iPhone Soon Without Revenue Sharing


image_8559_largeimagefile Telecom Italia Getting 3G iPhone Soon Without Revenue SharingIt seems that Italians roll a completely different way than Americans, because the most recent word has the 3G iPhone launching with Telecom Italia without any long-term exclusivity and without a revenue sharing agreement. Contrast this to the AT&T exclusivity and hefty revenue sharing happening State-side with the current iPhone.

This report comes from “well-respected” Italian newspaper La Republica, which confirms that the launch of the 3G iPhone in Italy is imminent. All the current rumors are pointing toward an official announcement and/or launch around June, so this latest report pretty much falls in line.

Given the lack of a revenue sharing agreement with Apple, we’ve got to wonder if something similar would happen with the 3G Apple iPhone in the United States. What about the lack of exclusivity? Will an unlocked iPhone be available from Apple stores?

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