North American HTC Ad Lets Your Fingers Do The Walking


The geekier among us (myself included) have long known that HTC is the company behind many Windows Mobile smartphones around the world, despite what the Dopod, Qtek, and T-Mobile branding may lead you to believe. HTC is set to unleash a massive marketing campaign to try and increase its brand presence in North America, starting with this ad.

Commercials like the one embedded below will start to appear all over the place, including movie theatres, in-flight entertainment systems, television, print, and outdoor ad spots too. The ad below definitely has an Apple-like conclusion, but it seems to work for their purposes, reminding us of the utility of a touchscreen display.

We already know them for Windows Mobile and we may soon know them for Google Android too. In the meantime, follow HTC as they encourage you to let your fingers do the walking, the talking, and everything else.

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