T-Rex Super Trike Gets Reworked by Morelli Designers


You might remember the T-Rex three-wheeled motorcycle from some time back, watching it terrorize the test track with the greatest of ease. The rear wheel provided excellent propulsion for the lightweight vehicle, whereas the two front wheels kept it stable in the twisties. Too bad the design was getting a little dated.

Johnathan Cote of Morelli Designers has now come around to giving a fresh look to the T-Rex super trike, tearing off the roof and adding some vital roll-over protection. He’s beefed up the frame for increased “structural fortitude” and the overall appearance is more “dynamic” and “modern.”

As far as I can tell, the engine and other vital components have remained largely unchanged. It’s still looks like a blast to drive… I wonder if they’d give me a review unit.

image_8819_superimage T-Rex Super Trike Gets Reworked by Morelli Designers

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