Mossberg Really Knows Nothing, 3G iPhone Launch Date Not Confirmed


Over the weekend, the big story came from Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. While discussing related matters at the Finnish embassy, Mossberg casually mentioned that the 3G iPhone would be launching in 60 days. And now he’s taking it back.

His follow-up statement on the matter says that he really knows no better than any of us and his mention of the “60 day” timeframe is based largely on the conjecture and rumors that we’ve all been hearing thus far. The 60-day timeframe would place the launch in June, which is right in line with what the rumor mills have been pumping out thus far.

Even so, is Walt Mossberg really taking this back because he really doesn’t know or did he get a phone call from Cupertino that, um, changed his mind? The world will never know.

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