Next-Gen Apple MacBook to Ditch Plastic, Get Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Apple recently updated the specs on both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro, but both units retained their same outward appearance. Well, a redesign is in the works and it sounds like the glossy white MacBook is the one that will be getting the most drastic makeover.

Instead of a shiny white or black plastic, the new MacBook will reportedly sport an aluminum and stainless steel casing, taking on a look that is more in line with the silver MacBook Pro and the recently announced MacBook Air. There’s not word on how the internals will change, but they do say that this new casing is more eco-friendly.

The MacBook Pro is getting a fresh look as well, getting a keyboard and a larger trackpad that is more in line with the MacBook Air. It was nice to see multi-touch arrive on the MBP, but a bigger trackpad would better utilize that functionality. More likely than not, the refreshed laptop will get powered by Monetvina-based chips, which roll out around June.

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