Borat-Inspired Notebook Mankini Overcomes Limpness Problem

image_8970_largeimagefile Borat-Inspired Notebook Mankini Overcomes Limpness ProblemIn our search for the latest and greatest in mobile technology, we never thought that something good would come out of the cultural learnings of a certain reporter from Kazakhstan. It’s obvious enough that this mankini-esque underwear-like garment isn’t for the faint of heart, but it seems like it’s actually useful. Yes, useful for more than just a cheap laugh.

The idea is that this “amazing piece of cloth” serves as a crude solution to the limp hinge on a notebook computer. The laptop hinge broke on a child’s laptop and then his mother decided that this would be a suitable solution. The cure for limpness comes inspired by Borat, Imagine that.

Even if this works, which it appears it does, I don’t think you want to be caught at the local coffee shop with some underoos wrapping around your notebook. Especially if it’s got skidmarks.

Michael Kwan

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