Three-Wheel Performance Hybrid Approaches 100 Miles Per Gallon


At the Vancouver International Auto Show, FuelVapor Technologies is showcasing their ale (allay), an independently designed vehicle “specifically created to demonstrate and test advancements in automotive technologies.” This three-wheeled car is unlike any other hybrid on the market today and it will certainly catch the attention of any random passer-by.

But this hybrid from FuelVapor Technologies (FVT) of Maple Ridge isn’t just for looks. The ale has already been rated at 92 miles per galon, while still being able to do the 0-60mph run in a mere 5 seconds. Because it’s a three-wheeler, the ale is supposed to be pretty good in the twisties as well, offering 1.7 g’s of cornering capability. In the long run, FVT hopes to push this car past the 100mpg mark. With this, they’ll be able to offer a range of over 300 miles.

For more information about the ale and the rest of the company’s projects, check out the official website at

image_9085_superimage Three-Wheel Performance Hybrid Approaches 100 Miles Per Gallon

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