Guitar Hero on BlackBerry Makes You Look Like An April Fool


Seeing how today is April 1st, I don’t know what to believe. This could be for real and it might not, and that’s basically the beauty of an April Fool’s joke. Even so, the possibility of porting Guitar Hero Mobile over to the BlackBerry is well within the realm of possibility, so the next time you’re in a boring meeting again, you could be finger-tapping your way to greatness.

It seems that the version heading to the BlackBerry, if this is indeed legitimate, will be similar to the other cell phone version that you may have already seen. This means that you won’t get five fret buttons, but will rather be restricted to three buttons. Yeah, this takes away from part of the challenge, but at least you’ll be able to rock out to Cherub Rock and Suck My Kiss.

While shredding on the go, you’ll be able to choose between four virtual guitars and 15 songs. They promise new songs will get released each month, presumably at some cost to you.

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