Double-Decker Smart Car Doesn’t Seem So Smart (Video)

Double-Decker Smart Car Doesn’t Seem So Smart (Video)


image_9226_largeimagefile Double-Decker Smart Car Doesn't Seem So Smart (Video)Yes, I realize that citizens of London are all too familiar with double-decker buses cruising around their fair town and I also realize that they are all too familiar with horrible traffic congestion. How do you go about packing more people onto the roads without actually taking up any more room?

Some genius, and I use that term loosely, has decided that the best way to overcome traffic congestion is to stack the cars. He has bolted a pair of Smart cars together, sticking one literally on top of the other. This certainly is a strange alternative to the typical four-seater sedan, but having the seats on the top car could prove to be quite scenic. And scary.

They say that this is the world’s first double-decker car. Getting in and out of the top one can’t be any fun, and I highly recommend against ripping around the corners.

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