Dell Latitude XT2 Convertible Tablet Spec’d with eSATA

Dell Latitude XT2 Convertible Tablet Spec’d with eSATA


image_9510_largeimagefile Dell Latitude XT2 Convertible Tablet Spec'd with eSATAThe full smattering of specs and features has not yet been announced, but we are starting to catch a few inklings of information about the upcoming convertible tablet from Dell. Perhaps the most useful tidbit is the product render shown here, revealing that there really isn’t anything all that revolutionary about the design.

In terms of specs, Dell has indicated that the Latitude XT2 will be powered by the Centrino 2 Montevia platform and the Tablet PC will be equipped with an integrated optical drive (take that MacBook Pro?) and an eSATA port for extra speedy data transfers. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but the inclusion of eSATA is a nice touch.

The first Dell Latitude XT Convertible Tablet was a great move for the company, so I’d imagine that its successor will be pretty sweet too. Stay tuned.

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