Rogers Wireless Grabbing New Novatel HSDPA/HSUPA PC Cards


image_9556_largeimagefile Rogers Wireless Grabbing New Novatel HSDPA/HSUPA PC CardsRogers Wireless is all proud of their ultra-speedy HSDPA network, so it’s only fitting that the cellular provider would pick up some products to take advantage of that speed. Novatel Wireless has announced that they will be offering their new Merlin X950D ExpressCard modem to customers of Rogers Wireless.

The Merlin X950D is a tri-band GSM card that easily takes advantage of the Rogers HSDPA network, but it offers “lightning fast upload speeds” thanks to its support of HSUPA connectivity as well. To make matters even more appealing, the X950D has on-board GPS support as well. If you prefer a USB connection, you can opt for the Novatel Ovation MC950D HSDPA/HSUPA USB modem, which has essentially the same functionality.

No word on pricing, but we hear that both high-speed modems will be made available to the masses some time this summer.

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