World’s Most Expensive iPhone or Lamborghini Gallardo: You Decide

image_9587_largeimagefile World's Most Expensive iPhone or Lamborghini Gallardo: You DecideThere are some people in this world that just have too much money for their own good and it is these people who would have no problem spending $176,400 on the world’s most expensive iPhone. It’s not that that particular handset comes with any special functionality, free cellular service, or even an extended battery. What makes it so pricey is all that blingery.

Peter Aloisson, a luxury designer and jeweler based out of Austria, has outfitted this one-off Apple iPhone with no fewer 318 diamonds. That’s a lot of bling! Of those 318 stones, 138 of them are Princess cut whereas the remaining 180 are brilliant cut. There is a total of 17.75 carats of diamonds on this phone, all set into 18k white gold around the rim.

For the $176,400 asking price, you could probably get away with buying a Lamborghini Gallardo or a modest apartment in a major city. Nah, I’ll take the iPhone! (Kidding…)

Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

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