Video: Apple Promotes Mobile Blogging with Winger iPhone Ad


Blogging is taking over the Internet. Before blogging came around, I don’t think people like Ross the Intern and Perez Hilton would get the kind of attention that they do. Heck, even what I do here on Mobile Magazine can be considered blogging, in addition to my own personal blog.

The problem with most blogging is that are you bound to your computer and that’s not very suitable for spontaneous blogging on the go. Fear not, says Cupertino, because they’ve got your covered at your ballet recitals too. In the latest Apple commercial, they’re reminding us that the iPhone is the perfect tool for mobile blogging. Snap a photo, make a comment, and post it up for your reader’s enjoyment.

Now, I’m not too sure how many iPhone users (and readers of tech blogs) are into ballet, but the girl in the commercial is pretty cute. That’s enough for me.

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