Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring is Really USB Flash Drive


image_9591_largeimagefile Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring is Really USB Flash DriveYou’d better hope that your potential fiance is as geeky as you are if you plan on using this Swarovski crystal engagement ring when you go on bended knee. You’re not proposing with a cubic zirconia — I’m sure the Swarovski-ness is pretty pricey — but it’s the fact this ring doubles as a USB flash drive. You might as well propose to her through a virtual ring in World of Warcraft!

Geekier than geek, this USB engagement ring is currently at the conceptual stage, but the premise is that you are able to propose with not only a blinging rock, but also with some precious memories and other goodies stored in the flash memory housed inside the ring. The ring also comes with a necklace for ease of transport.

No price has been attached to the Swarovski Crystal engagement ring cum USB flash drive, but the real price will be the potential for losing your bride to be over your uber-geekiness.

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