Fisker Karma All Electric Sports Car Has Fake Engine Sounds?

I wouldn’t say that this completely defeats the purpose of buying an all electric car, but isn’t it kind of strange that they’ve decided to pipe fake engine noises into the Fisker Karma? As you know, electric cars make next to no noise and I guess sports car enthusiasts would miss the sound of an engine rumbling or an exhaust howling.

Set to enter production in 2009 with a retail price of $80,000, the Fisker Karma is already quite the looker, but I guess the fake engine noises will attract some aural attention as well. There’s also a small gas-powered engine in there just in case, but that’s not where the fake engine noises are coming from. It’s getting fitted with speakers inside and out. Lame!

For further customization, these speakers can be used for more than just fake engine sounds. Henrik Fisker is saying that they can pump out “gruff, user-selectable engine sounds.” Can I have a jet plane? Or how about the toot of train whistle?

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