Ubisoft’s My Weight Loss Coach for DS Comes with Pedometer


image_9751_largeimagefile Ubisoft's My Weight Loss Coach for DS Comes with PedometerThe Nintendo DS has become a hub for all sorts of unconventional games. Brain Age got us to work our mental muscle, Flash Focus tested our reflexes, My Word Coach expanded our vocabulary. All that is well and good, but what about our battle with the bulge? The sedentary lifestyle of a gamer can’t be healthy.

Ubisoft has created a game called My Weight Loss Coach and instead of getting you to control a virtual avatar through a series of physical exercises, this “game” actually encourages you to put it down and go for a walk. That’s because My Weight Loss Coach comes bundled with its own special pedometer.

After you’ve completed your stroll through the park or your run through the grocery store, you can plug the peripheral into the GBA slot in the DS. When you boot up the game, it will tell you how many calories you burned, how many steps you took, and all that other neat stuff that fitness gurus want you to know about. Look for it in Europe this summer. Just don’t get pedometer confused with pedophile.

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